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Every story begins with a first step that originates the construction of a path; our path has its origins in 1990. By the name of Laboratorios Agroenzymas®, back then we came into existence with the sole purpose of supporting the competitiveness of the agricultural market.

Characterized by a unique entrepreneurial vision and complete confidence from the shareholder group to take decisions, we decided to get started on the path toward a history with extraordinary results. First, we focused on Mexico’s main agricultural areas, thus we began our growth and expansion, on which raw materials and active ingredients and components integrated; in this way we assure our competitiveness and differentiation.

The development and growth in technical skills and capabilities allowed us to specialize in bioregulators, creatively managing limited resources and controlling the company’s growth more focused on our possibilities than on our wishes.

Philosophical congruence and solid pillars have been fundamental to build our pathway. In 2000 we started a new expansion challenge that consolidated six years later when we open our first subsidiaries with which we took the lead of a specific block of countries, and regions in the case of Mexico.

In our history of evolution to a corporate group, we have experienced, corrected and learned, that have served us to have new experiences and a broader vision. Operating through divisions and departments before they were business units have led us to his point of our pathway as a corporate group focused on building routes and pathways to the extraordinary, helping to create and develop differentiated, autonomous and self-supporting companies based on empathy and leadership by the way of example.


Assertiveness – Justice – Consistency – Readiness

We are an assertive brand providing transparency, in order to make our clients and consumers feel close by means of a committed working team.

Our priority is justice as the basis of respect we offer, making the links of our business chain feel appreciated and valued with conciliatory attitudes.

Consistency as a distinctive to provide security, making feel confidence in what we offer, always pursuing the congruence in our decision-making.

Considering readiness as an efficient service where achieving our customers and consumers satisfaction is the signal of fulfillment of this commitment, instilling and increasing proactiveness in our team.

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